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Gloster Southern Railroad

In November 1985, we needed motive power for a newly formed affiliate, the Gloster Southern Railroad. When we visited Cleburne, Texas, looking for a pair of locomotives for the new shortline, Luis Sanchez, Superintendent of Shops, pointed us to a long line of CF7s to pick from. The two Gloster Southern units still run like clockwork down the former Illinois Central River Line. Experience in the years following our CF7 purchase proved it was one the best locomotive decisions we ever made. With little repair and upkeep, they have proved to be more reliable than other units on the roster. Other owners report similar success.

Russell Tedder in CF7 Locomotives: From Cleburne to Everywhere, 1997

Mississippi shortline

The Gloster Southern Railroad began operations in August of 1986, providing shortline rail service from Gloster, Mississippi, 35 miles south to Slaughter, Louisiana, and in interchange with the Illinois Central (now Canadian National). The line was owned by Georgia-Pacific which purchased and refurbished the abandoned branch line to provide service to a its plywood mill operation in Gloster. A pair of ex Santa Fe CF7 road switchers was secured to handle traffic. The GLSR operated two or three freight trains per week until the plant closed in December 2002. The branch line is a segment of the former Yazoo & Mississippi Valley, which was absorbed into the original Illinois Central in 1946. The Gloster Southern also operated the former Columbia & Silver Creek shortline from 1988 to 1995.

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