This beloved collection features rosters shots and information from PRESERVATION efforts around the country, especially railroad museums and operating tourist-hauling railroads. A growing list of scale-riding railroads and rail parks or trails is also included. Regardless of the mode of transportation -- but especially trains and trolleys -- the Hawkins men never pass up a great museum!

wWhenever a photographer takes a railroad picture -- no matter what the subject -- that photographer becomes a railroad preservationist. And, whenever a train enthusiast reflects on a railroad picture, "reading" it for information and insights, that enthusiast becomes a railroad preservationist. Whenever a member of the general public sees a railroad image in print or on a big or little screen and makes a memory of it, that memory makes John Q. and Jane Q. Public railroad preservationists. The word "preservation" generates responses from rail enthusiasts that range from "hip, hip, hooray" to "well, okay" to "why bother" -- enthusiasm to indifference to animosity. But like it or not, if you like railroads and images of them, then you are behaving like a railroad preservationist. You believe that railroad equipment, infrastructure, physical and work environments, and the impact of all of these on American society are valuable. You believe railroads merit creation of a visual record of their existence over time. And you believe that pictures can help—indeed, may be an essential ingredient-in their preservation.

Center for Railroad Photography & Art


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