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New Orleans Public Belt Railroad

The New Orleans Public Belt Railroad is unique among the railroads of the United States in that it is a publicly owned and operated terminal switching railroad. It is not owned or operated by the railroads with whom it connects, but rather by the community it serves; it is owned by the citizens of the City of New Orleans and operated through the Public Belt Railroad Commission.

New Orleans Public Belt Railroad

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The New Orleans Public Belt Railroad is a non-profit terminal switching railroad, owned by the City of New Orleans. It connects with all Class I mainline railroads serving the city and provides daily switching and haulage service. The railroad began operation in 1908 with the intention of giving the major railroads "uniform and impartial" access to the port of New Orleans. Today the line is managed by the Public Belt Railroad Commission, which also owns and maintains the Huey P. Long Bridge spanning the Mississippi River. Known among railfans for once rostering a small fleet of World War II era Baldwin switchers, today the NOPB operates EMD yard goats and Morrison Knudsen road switchers.


NOPB company map / collection


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New Orleans Public Belt engine terminal

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