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New Castle Industrial Railroad

Pennsylvania shortline

Formed in 1991, the New Castle Industrial Railroad is a locally owned, locally operated switching shortline serving various industrial sites and railroad (re)building services in and around New Castle, Pennsylvania. The operation utilizes right-of-way and rehabilitated trackage left over from various fallen flag lines that once served the New Castle area, including the Pennsylvania, the Baltimore & Ohio, and the "Little Giant" Pittsburgh & Lake Erie. Regular freight interchange is made with CSX Transportation in their New Castle yard, with Norfolk Southern on an interchange spur along their Fort Wayne line, and occasionally with regional Buffalo & Pittsburgh through the CSX yard. Commodities handled include steel products, scrap metal, recycling, plastic pellets, fracking sand, road salt, and Kasgro specialty railcars. A shop is maintained off Moravia Street in New Castle, where three locomotives are maintained and a company office is housed.

January 2016

Bing Crosby in his 1954 White Christmas introduced us to the lovely Haynes sisters. Now the New Castle Industrial hosts two BN sisters, thanks to the latest motive power addition to the blue house off of Moravia Street. NCIR recently purchased a second SW1500, giving them a matched pair of high-vision end-cabs that both trace their lineage back to the Burlington Northern roster. (41 goes back to the Frisco.) Two SWs in MU lashup will mean more pull for the bigger hauls up from the Class Ones, and a third unit will no doubt bring that greatest of shortline luxuries: a backup locomotive when another goes offline. Despite CSX missing the mark and shipping 46 all the way down their line to Baltimore, and then having to send it back this way, the men of the NCIR have wasted no time in applying the road's handsome red-on-black with-a-white-stripe paint scheme. A few more odds and ends to tend to and they tell me she'll be up and running for them in no time. It'll be Rosemary and Vera all over again.

"Sisters. Sisters. There were never such devoted sisters."



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