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Meridian & Bigbee Railroad

The Meridian & Bigbee River Railway [was] granted a charter on January 23, 1917 to "construct a railroad from Meridian, Mississippi to the Tombigbee River" and so let a contract on December 24, 1926 to construct this railroad. Work was begun and on April 16, 1928 the road was put in operation from Meridian to Cromwell, Alabama, a distance of 29.87 miles to a connection with the Alabama, Tennessee & Northern Railroad. After many years of trials and further tribulations this road was completed from Cromwell to Myrtlewood, Alabama, crossing the Tombigbee River and connecting with the Louisville & Nashville Railroad, and put into full operation on October 15, 1935.

Mick Nussbaum, History of Meridian Railroads

Mississippi shortline

The Meridian & Bigbee Railroad Company was the reorganized name for the Meridian & Bigbee River Railway, originally incorporated in 1917. By 1928 the road had built east from Meridian, Mississippi, across the state line eastward to Cromwell, Alabama, and was later completed to Myrtlewood by 1935. In the diesel era, the 51-mile shortline was owned by the James River Corporation and moved pulp, chemicals, and paper products. Currently owned by the Genesee & Wyoming shortline system, the line is now known as simply the M&B Railroad (MNBR).

Meridian & Bigbee route

1988 Official Guide route listing

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