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When I first proposed to my father the idea of launching a website to feature our railfan photography, what he liked most about the idea was the ease with which we could share interesting and obscure photographs with the wider railfan community. His request was that such a website not become a commercial venture, but rather a means for promoting the hobby that has brought us immeasurable hours of enjoyment and fellowship with others over the years.

Furthermore, since launching the site I have been contacted by several railroad model craftsmen and history buffs interested in particular lines we feature -- especially the deep south shortlines. It's been delightful to make these connections, and to know that others share an interest in the same roads and equipment that have captured our attention over the years.

To honor my father's collegial spirit about the hobby, I am happy to make available in small quantities reprints of our own photography, especially when requested for use in railfan research or prototype modeling. Prices listed below for reprints and postage are aimed at recouping printing, handling, and mailing costs associated with larger requests. Also, note that images marked COLLECTION are not available as copies, as they are the photographic work of others and have been procured over the years with the simple intent of rounding out our Deep South collection.

All photographs on this site marked JCH or RWH are available for sharing through the following media:


- Single 8x10 PHOTOGRAPHIC reprints are available for $5 each, plus $5 for postage

- Single 8x10 INKJET reprints are available at no charge, with $5 for postage

Digital Copies

- Single high-resolution image files are available via e-mail at no charge

- Larger digital collections burned to a DVD are available for $10 plus postage

Digital files from are not for commerical distribution, and should not be posted on the web or used in presentations without proper notation of photographer: either John C. Hawkins or Ralph W. Hawkins, as indicated

Contact me to make arrangements for securing reprints or digital copies of images found at